Darren Till Joins the SAFEJAWZ Gang.

With the biggest fight in his life this weekend at UFC 228, Darren Till will face the Champion, Tyron Woodley, for the UFC Welterweight Championship.



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Darren Till has taken the Mixed Martial Arts world by storm, with a truly impressive record and some recent wins against the best welterweights the UFC has to offer. He has certainly earned this title shot. Fighting out of Kaobon Liverpool, he has an army of fans from his city that have travelled to the states to witness the event. The UK are due a new Champion!

During fight camp, Darren Till connected with SAFEJAWZ to get himself fitted up with a Custom Series SAFEJAWZ mouthguard. 

Darren was blown away by the fit of his custom mouthguards which we customised with his trademark Gorilla logo. His response was simply "PERFECT". He requested something more understated that what we usually do (like our Goldie Design). Have a look at the two guards we made for him below:

We're happy to have Darren as part of team SAFEJAWZ and cannot wait for the fight at the weekend.

Our customers should be aware that the guards we make for these top level professional athletes are given no more attention than every single mouthguard we sell through our website.

Every single Custom Series mouth piece is handmade with care and every guard we make is suitable for top level competition through to novice athletes getting started in sport. The quality of Darren Till's mouthguard will match the quality of the next guard we sell direct to a customer through the website. This is our promise.

We also offer a Perfect Fit Guarantee on all our mouthguards. If your mouthguard does not fit PERFECTLY, we promise to get this resolved for you. 

Learn more about our custom-fit mouthguards here.


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