What Equipment do I need for Rugby?


The Rugby Season is almost upon us which has players around the World thinking to themselves, "What do I need for the upcoming season?" Well we are here to help. Of course, a mouthguard for rugby is vital, but there is a decent list of things you should have in your kit bag;

Boots - Some players prefer lightweight football boots, personally I've always preferred a sturdier pair of proper rugby brand boots.

Vapour rub - One of the quintessential rugby changing room smells, vapour rub will keep the air flowing deep into the second half.

Tape - Whether it is keeping your socks up or stopping that dodgy finger from going AWOL, a roll of electrical tape is a must in your kit bag, but keep it close, that stuff is like gold dust in a rugby changing room.

Strong Playlist - When you need pumping up, there's nothing like some AC/DC or classic Dre.

Rugby Gum Shield - All SAFEJAWZ Mouthguards are suitable for Rugby, although we always recommend a Custom Series as they offer the best comfort and longevity. Check out our full range of boil and bite mouthguards here, and our famous custom made mouthguards here.

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